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During the pilot we will be using Trello to track progress of each participating team. You can also access the various resources directly from the board, or below.  If you cannot access the board, please email Krister.

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Your Questions Answered

TDFS Design

Both the TDFS and TDS are built on the underlying 6 Team Conditions (6TC) framework. The key difference is that the TDS is designed specifically for the context of a startup or early stage scale up team. As such it includes two success factors that are not part of the TDS. These are ‘coachability’ and ‘rewards’.

The TDFS report is also shorter and focuses only on the 6 success factors. There is also no supplemental information in the TDS.

During the development of the TDFS, the feedback we received was to make the reporting as simple and easy to understand as possible. Thus we have decided to use traffic lights rather than the nuance of scores.

Yes. The question set, and linked dynamic reporting is available here.

A future enhancement of the TDFS may be a more detailed practitioner’s report. At this stage we want to ‘get the assessment out there’ and then look at modifications & enhancements. However if you have ideas, please send them through.

TDFS Usage

This requires a degree of your judgement. If the enterprise leadership team is relatively new, and their business is still to be established or growing, the TDFS may be appropriate.

If the team is leading an established business with multiple organisation layers and more reflective of a small business, then the TDS may be more appropriate.

There is no clear definition of what a startup is. For the purposes of the pilot, and as a general guideline, we suggest a leadership team with a minimum of three members that has worked together long enough (e.g. 3+ months) in order to be able to respond to questions assessing their functioning as a team

For non pilot teams, you can purchase TDFS credits just as you would TDS credits.

TDFS Pricing / Commercials

We have / will publish the price of the TDFS as we want to drive volume use of the TDFS by having teams self register for the assessment. It is well known that a reason for not making an online purchase or abandoning the process is if the price is not known upfront.

Yes you can. The price is a recommended price. If you already have or are building a relationship with a client, you can charge more. You may be including additional support and services and as such might offer a package price.

US$ 522.50 is paid to 6TC. This is 10% for admin, marketing and further development and 45% split between the authors of the TDFS. As practitioner, you retain 45% of the TDFS fee.

Yes there is for upfront purchases or credit purchases of the TDFS. Please reach out to Krister to discuss

Specific Pilot Study Questions

We ask that you complete this form to (pre) enrol a team. This will allow us to make sure that the team meets the criteria for the study, contributes to having diverse teams on the study and create a Trello card for project tracking.

When approved, you will receive a credit for the TDS / TDFS system and be able to set the team up ready for them to complete the questionnaire.

Yes, consent from each team member is required in order for them to be participants in the study. We are creating an entry page to the TDFS assessment which provides the required information to participants and asks for the consent. 

If a team does not wish to give consent, but still go through the TDFS, this is possible as though they are a regular team.

No. Participation is free and is our ‘payback’ to the teams for helping validate the assessment.

In order for the study to have research validity, we are aiming for 30-40 teams.

We plan to kick off in November with the time 1 assessments. The time 2 assessments should be completed by end March 2022.

Debriefing the TDFS is a coaching intervention in itself. It is also possible to coach the team between them completing the assessment between times 1 & 2. What we do ask is that you record against which success factor(s) you have coached the team as we will ask this of you after time 2.

Yes you can. Reach out so that we can help set up the team for you in the TDFS system.

A requirement for each team in the pilot is that they have at least 1 external person who can provide feedback on the team. Having 2 external perspectives would be even better, from a research perspective.

This external person may be a coach, investor, mentor, board member etc.

Although they are providing feedback on the team, we are using that information to validate the TDFS questions and scoring scales. We will be looking for alignment and misalignment trends across the various teams. 

No. The results are for the team only. It is up to them whether they share with their coach, mentor, sponsor etc.

Equally we will not share the feedback from the external person to the team. Again we would encourage them to do so.

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